For the past few months, middle school students at Upper Devotion school have been working on a special project. When the Teen Advantage (TA) program moved into their space at the beginning of the year, they were faced with a white-washed, windowless room that was in high need of some personality. The students and their guest artists developed a concept to bring some life to their after-school space by painting a giant mural of a Brookline street scene.

Students decided that this wouldn’t be just any street in Brookline, but one full of their favorite landmarks and their favorite characters. The scene shows the CITGO sign, the Prudential Center, and Faneuil Hall in the background as well as brightly colored minions and emoji characters playing the the foreground. Each student dreamed up a portion of the design to add and helped to paint it into the mural, making it truly a team effort.

Eighth grader Elise Gordon, who added a dancing donut to the mural, commented, “it’s a new experience for all of us and it allows us to show our creativity.” The mural is still in progress, but the Upper Devo TA program hopes to have a big reveal party sometime this spring!