The SWAG (Finding our Strengths, Weaknesses, and Goals) men’s group at Brookline High School was pleased to host Jason Harris this month.

Like many of our students, Jason came from a household with little money. Jason recalled eating a lot of “government cheese.” Today, Jason is a successful local businessman who owns three landscape related businesses.

The boys were very engaged by Jason who talked to them about the need to invest in their goals. Jason talked to the boys about his model for success called the “Fabulous 52”. The lynchpin of the Fabulous 52 is working on a goal every week in order to see significant progress over the course of a year. Jason encouraged the boys to actively network with their elders saying: “Youth is wasted on the young.” For Jason when you are young and seek help folks are more likely to invest in you. Jason’s message of developing goals and figuring out a plan to attain them was easily embraced by the young attendees.

In addition to hosting speakers like Jason, SWAG is a weekly opportunity for male STS students at BHS to talk about issues facing them today such as race, gender, responsibility, and expectations. It is organized by Dan Arroyo, High School Advisor, Will English, K-12 Advisor, and Antonio Swallowhorn, the Albert Schweitzer Fellow at Tufts University.

Jason Harris is the Vice President for Lombardi Designs, an award-winning landscape architecture company. He holds a BA from Georgetown University as well as an MBA from Babson College.