Panelists (top row) from left to right: Sandra McEvoy, Political Science professor at Wheelock College; Maria Amaya-Aluigi, Executive Director of La Alianza Hispana; Lee Gardner, Artistic Director at Nora Theater; Sara Laschever, Author, Editor, and Cultural Critic; Suzanne Graca, Child Life Specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Child Life Instructor at Wheelock College; Casey Hatchett, Criminal Analyst and Police Officer for the Town of Brookline; Akilah Johnson, Reporter at The Boston Globe; Danielle Suave; Sculptor and Installation Artist


This month, Steps to Success’ High School program was pleased to host a Women’s Career Panel for our young women in grades 9-12. During a morning session at Brookline Interactive Group, STS women were able to hear from inspirational female leaders in the Boston area. Ranging from college professors to police officers and artists, the panelists spoke of their career paths, the challenges the faced, and gave advice to our young women. Here are some key pieces of advice they had for the young women:

“If it was easy, everyone would do it”

“Attitude is everything, see yourself as a champion and you will be one”

“We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing” -Ben Franklin

“Embrace the Is-ness”

“There can be no joy in living without joy in work” -Thomas Aquinas