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Welcome to the STS/PSB Portal! Available to all STS students and families, this helpful webpage has important documents for: AHU/TA, Work Connections, College Success Initiative (CSI), Mentoring Program, and more! Please also see the list of staff emails below.

General Information

Resources by Grade Level

Elementary/Middle (Grades K-8)

High School (Grades 9-12)

Staff Directory

STS/PSB Contact Emails

Jeanette Sergeant | STS/PSB District Coordinator |

Shoma Haque | STS Executive Director |

Tony Wells | CSI Director |

Lynne Courtney | Career Explorations Manager |

Sarah Fowler | Director of Programs |


Elementary/Middle Advisors Emails

JT Lenoch | Florida Ruffin Ridley School (Formerly CCS) |

David Lamour | Lawrence School |

Jason Murray | Lincoln School |

Sophya Williams-Louis |Pierce School |


BHS Advisors Contact Emails:

Adebukola Ajao |

Audrey Spataro |

Craig Marriro |