Jeff was a member of Brookline High School’s Class of 2009. After graduating from UMass Boston, Jeff came to work for Brookline Public Schools as a Paraprofessional. He also works with STS’ Teen Advantage program.

“I went to college at UMass Boston; I majored in Psychology there. I decided to major in Psychology because I was looking for a field that would offer me as much diversity and flexibility as I would want in what I would like to study, which was focusing on child development as well as understanding the human mind.

The biggest influence in my life would have to be my mother and my educators. They have both come to expect so much from me and the only thing I could do is try to live up to those expectations.

In five years, I see myself still enjoying life, continuing my education and working at being a social worker. I am proud of the fact that I can see that I make a difference in the work that I do. What more does a person want than to be happy doing something that they enjoy? I see it as one life; do the things that you love.”