Kevin was a member of Brookline High School’s Class of 2006, which was also Step to Success’ first graduating class. He started working with STS in middle school. Kevin graduated from Northeastern University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience, and he recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Masters in Science in Kinesiology. Since the Fall of 2014 Kevin has been attending Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. His long term goal is to one day become a physician specializing in Orthopedics or Neurology. We asked him to share a quick update with us.

“Currently, I work as a research assistant at Boston Children’s Hospital in a Neurodevelopmental Phenotyping lab located in the department of Developmental Medicine. I work in a lab with two clinical psychologists researching autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders. Our lab specifically focuses on the expressed observable features (phenotype) of individuals with developmental disorders. Our main research focus is to understand the genetic and environmental causes of developmental disorders and how the features of these disorders are expressed in individuals. We are also involved with a major research initiative funded by the Simons Foundations to better understand the symptomology involved with individuals with genetic abnormalities, particularly individuals with chromosome 16p11.2 deletions and duplications. My main responsibilities include spearheading our recruitment process, assisting with our data validation process, administering parent assessments with parents of kids with developmental disorders, and mentoring interns.

I am especially grateful for the STS program because I found my passion for medicine while I was a student participating in the summer internship program. When I was 16 years old I worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital as a dietician intern and from that day on I have been preparing myself for a career in the medical field. Like many other students, STS also helped me with the college process and I personally believe that it was because of STS that I was able to receive the Brookline High School Northeastern Scholarship. Without this financial assistance I would not have had the opportunity to attend Northeastern and I am grateful that I had STS in my corner to help me out.”