Steps to Success has a mission that guides everything we do, and everything we do promotes that mission. However, there is so much more to us than our mission. That said, we appreciate the opportunity to tell our story.

At “Steps,” a shorthand name we affectionately use, we have a clear set of core values. We pride ourselves on ensuring that everything we do is and remains student-centered, complimented by a standard of high expectations and a diverse community based on trust and engagement. The passion with which staff, donors, supporters, families, and volunteers promote these values is remarkable.


Going on 20 years of leveling the playing field for Brookline youth, we’ve come a long way since 2001. A six-year federal grant brought Steps to life with the initial goals of facilitating the success of children from low-income families in Brookline and securing educational equity. Little has changed in what we originally set out to do, but the progress we’ve made in realizing those objectives is what keeps us going.

2004 saw the launch of After Hours University and Teen Advantage, our after-school programs for fourth through eighth graders. 2009 marked the establishment of our College Success Initiative, which provides academic, career, and mentoring guidance for all of our college-bound students. We owe unending gratitude to those who made and continue to make these programs, and the opportunities they create, possible.

Our most recent major milestone came in 2016 when we became a 501(c)(3) charity. While we’re pleased with what we’ve accomplished over the better part of two decades, we’re more eager to celebrate what our 4000+ students have done in that time, namely that 97% of our college students remain on track to graduate in 4-6 years!

To those who gave us our start, helped us expand, and allow us to thrive, THANK YOU!