STS Parent Council meetings are generally held at Brookline High School (BHS) in room 168. Meetings are held once every other month starting in September from 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

We believe that helping our students succeed is a joint effort. The Brookline community is an important and key part of making sure STS has the right programs for our students.

The Parent Council discusses upcoming events such as Family Nights, Kids Involved During Summer (K.I.D.S.) Camp Fair, the annual Gala, Recognition Ceremony, and other STS events. More specifically, parents discuss the students in the program, homework center, grades, after school programs, internships and camps. They also discuss ways to improve the program.

Current Council Members

Misti Jaynes - Head of Parent Council
Paula Torres
Yeanie and Scott Huggins
Ginnelle Vasquez
Priscilla and Rogelio Rodas
Chanda Jones

To become a member of the Parent Council, please contact Shoma Haque at