We have stayed true to our mission to build upon the aspirations and skills of the young people we work with and close the opportunity gap for students from low-income families. Our 9th-12th grade students have the opportunity to participate in paid internship opportunities, which include job placement with over 15 different host sites, as well as educational components related to professionalism, work-life connection, and early college awareness.

It is our pleasure this year to continue providing opportunity and access to our youth through our summer programming. Students have interned at Brookline Early Ed Program (BEEP), Brookline Housing Authority (BHA), Pierce School Extended Day (PSED), Brookline Art Center, Brookline Public Library, and Brookline Teen Center. Students are gaining valuable work experience and learning to balance school and work.

During professional development workshops, students will learn and get various tips from how to dress for the work environment to how to send a professional email.

If you would like to host an intern at your organization, please contact Lynne Courtney, STS Career Explorations Manager, at